Thursday, July 2, 2015

A visual and aural delight

Following on from my earlier post with pictures taken from the inside of St Mary's Cathedral, here are the photos I took from the outside.

I spent a peaceful few hours wandering in and around this beautiful gothic revival cathedral in March, chatting to lovely people, exploring the crypt and listening to heavenly singing as rehearsals for the Easter mass were underway.

Construction of the original church began in 1821, with a modification done in 1851.  Then in 1865 the church was destroyed by fire.  Only a small section of one of the original walls remains, which you can see in the above photo.

Work on the current cathedral began in 1868, and slowly, over the years and with various architects the building took shape - section by section, until finally in 2000 the spires were completed.

St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney - March 2015

As you read this I will be visiting some more churches - but this time in Florence :)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Recovered photos and a sore paw

Hubby came to the rescue and recovered my disappearing depictions, however the camera is still buggered like a........ well never mind - back to blogging.

February - fine weather - and we went walking.
I took my now defunct camera with me (sorry, I know - let it go let it goooooooo)

I took snaps of buildings in the distance that I knew nothing about but made great photos

 And did my best to get the crane on the left and the weird sticky outy metal rod thingy on the right out of my picture but failed.

Then I got caught in a whirling dervish of suitcases (luggagenado?).

And heard shrieks of delight from the general direction of hubby.
Wonder why?

And lastly - just to prove that medical dressings can be fashionable......................

Rock n' Roll markets at Sydney Uni and less than impressed puppy - Feb 2015

As you read this I will be in London missing the museum mode on my camera. trying out the settings on my new camera.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Randoms snaps + busted camera = unhappy snapper

Five days out from going away on  holidays and I discover my camera has gone on strike for no apparent reason.  And of course the warranty ran out a few months ago.  Fabulous!
At least I have my faithful phone as backup.
However that means that all the lovely pics I took and was going to share in the next few posts are gone to the great photoshop in the sky (knew I should have transferred them straight away dammit).

So here are a few I had left on my phone to sum up Autumn and bring us all into a Southern Winter (even though hopefully the next few posts will be about a Northern Summer..............)

Exploring renovated rooms, happy herb gardens, windblown seagulls, solemn services, snuggly puppy and leaking car.

And that's Autumn in a nutshell folks. :)

When this post "goes to air" I will be in sunny (hopefully) Zurich taking photos on my phone.........

Addit: It's been a bit rainy in Zurich after our first day but weather is due to clear tomorrow - and hubby bought me a new camera.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Arches and candles

What does one do when faced with a day free of tasks?

Sit in quiet contemplation, try to take arty shots of beautiful architecture and explore a crypt or two
of course.  

Tomorrow I will be winging my way to faraway lands for family adventures.
But never fear - I shall not abandon you again.
I have more snaps to share and more tales to tell with scheduled posts.
(plus I'm taking my laptop with me so hopefully I will be able to blag - er - blog while I'm away)

Sunday, June 7, 2015

A quiet day

A peaceful walk through the park in early Autumn.
Looking at the trees beside St Mary's Cathedral (the spires of which you may have glimpsed in the last post)

Some historical research on a WWI relic.

And remembering the fallen.

Hyde Park and ANZAC War Memorial - March 2015

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Lunch with Rex

Splendid sunshine
Pleasing panorama
And fine fare.

However my lunch companion seemed bored to the point of extinction.

The Australian Museum - March 2015

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Seriously belated blog post

Sunset through tinted glass

An evening of music and romance

And unusual architecture.

Sometimes the quick photos are the most interesting.

Sydney Opera House - Feb 2015

Sorry my friends, no excuse, I seemed to have dropped off the radar for absolutely no good reason whatsoever.  Thank you for sticking around though.  More posts coming in rapid succession to make up for my slothfulness.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Rainy day.

Where shall we go today?

Shall we sneak upstairs and explore the attic?

Follow the bouncing lights?

Find a secluded corner and whisper secrets?

Or shall we venture outside?

Perhaps take a spin in the Time Machine?

Lunch at the Tudor Court anyone?

Royal Automobile Club of Australia, Sydney - Jan 2015

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A lovely day for motoring.

Seeing these fabulous outfits and sparkling automobiles makes a gal want to bang a cloche on her head, leap into her Hispano-Suiza and head for the seaside.
Or countryside.
Depending on the whims and weather.
With a delicious man (aka hubby) by her side and faithful companion (aka daughter) in the back with picnic basket and thermos of tea, and a trunk full of champagne, life could not be better.

My regular guests may have spied this gown in an earlier post.

Phryne fantasy finished.  Time to get back to that ironing.........


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